Macarons... I mean seriously, they're a bitch to make!

I have always, since I can remember, loved baking. I was at my happiest, being allowed to let loose in my mum's kitchen. At age 11 I thought I was Delia. I'd pretend I had my own baking channel, this was before we had access to the internet by the way! Baking was an escape and has always been therapeutic for me.


I have never really known what I wanted to do "when I grow up".  I applied to read English at university but ended up doing a fine art degree at 19 instead. I then decided, after 3 years that I couldn't really draw or paint. For 11 years of my life I thought my calling was nursing, however this came to an end and family and children took over.


I attempted my first ever macarons the night before my mum passed away. They went horribly wrong of course. In fact they went wrong a lot of times after that. I won't say how many but it was many and I swore even more than usual!


It wasn't until I started to think about making some kind of a living out of macarons, that I'd even considered how, or why I'd continued to make them. Despite disaster after disaster, a lot of investment in ingredients, that ended up in the bin and some soul destroying moments (if you've ever tried to make macarons you will feel my pain here!) I somehow carried on.


Now it's a bit of an obsession or a passion. Whatever it is I'm hooked. I'm just hoping I don't decide to be an accountant or something next year but who knows ey?